Dec. 29th, 2018 09:47 am
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Hi guys!
Lately I've added some new links (mostly lots) - I'm putting them below in case you missed them :) I was so happy to discover SWB and NightShadow555 - their lots are wonderful (and we finally have all the lots for DownTown!)
Another "new entry" is jellybeanery, their version of the Newbie's home is gorgeous. "Bella's Hair" is flawless, Sindle did a great job and thesims1master made a second set of clothes, this time from LL (just wanted to point out that both creators make their own textures from scratch, it's absolutely great!).
Then I was able to recover (thanks to my friend simswordsurfer!) a conversion of the TS3 tralier, that is just perfect for Studiotown, made by Tinkle.
Midgethetree, as usual, made something that no one thought would it be possible and made Crisps&Kerosene's "Hole in the Ground" recreation functional - is there anything she can't do?!
And finally, just because I did something myself, I remade some lots from HotDate and StudioTown - hopefullly, I'll be able to do something for Vacation too, since I can't find any lots at all around the web.
Meanwhile, please share any useful link with me, especially if you find something nice on TSR (I don't like the place and I don't visit it very often, but it has some nice creations buried under the thousands of crappy filtres).
That's all, I hope all of you are having nice holidays!


Dec. 9th, 2018 03:52 pm
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Hi guys, I've added few more things in the past days (not much, but still):

Bonehilda as maid                             78 Maple Street                           81 Sunrise Boulevard

I also wanted to point out, again, that you can submit items that are not named or necessarily remakes of TS1 items. For instance, I found this table on TSR which is exactely the same of TS1 one, so I added it to the database anyyway, I think "it fits" :)

Picnic Table
And I also wanted to thank you all for the good feedback and nice comments on tumblr, I'm really glad people do like the idea :)

Have a lovely Sunday!
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Hi guys, just a quick update with the last additions:
                                          Gardner Bob                                         Cory's Place                                     Barrets Boardwalk

                                                       Mama Hick                            Elden Hick                           Flamingo Dancer

With everything going on with Tumblr, I think I might create a proprer Dreamwidth profile or move to another platform - not so sure yet - but I'll keep doing my best to mantain this database up to date :)


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