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Hi there!
Since the original 1t2 database hasn't been updated in a while but there have been quite a few new things since then, I thought I could create a new database for all the recreations/conversions from The Sims 1.
Initially i didn't realize that the admin of the "old" database was CrispsandKerosene, but after a chat she allowed me to continue her amazing work on this new database :)
 I will also use a slightly different layout, since there is a lot more going on now :) also, I'd link to link some conversions from the other Sims games that are not a direct remake, but that are similar to/inspired by TS1 objects: anything that can help to re-create the TS1 vibe is well accepted!

I hope you will apreciate my work and that it will useful to all of you!
You can find the index here! If you want to submit a new link, feel free to leave a comment in the index page :)

Happy Simming and enjoy your TS1 remakes :P

CrispsandKerosene, for the amazing job she has done on the database and her creations;
Two Fingers Whiskey, for their Pinterest full of links;
shastakiss, for her support and her tips/advice;
chrisnewbie, for their help & support;
TheSimsMaster, for inspiring me into doing this and their help;
All the CC creators that made this stuff and the community for being so amazing!


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