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2018-11-28 09:16 am

[sticky entry] Sticky: TS1 to TS2 Conversion/Recreation Database Index

**Last Update: 02/02/19**






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Please contact me on Tumblr or use this post to submit new content - the comments will be moderated so they won't appear, but I will add the link to the proper section!

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2018-12-29 09:47 am


Hi guys!
Lately I've added some new links (mostly lots) - I'm putting them below in case you missed them :) I was so happy to discover SWB and NightShadow555 - their lots are wonderful (and we finally have all the lots for DownTown!)
Another "new entry" is jellybeanery, their version of the Newbie's home is gorgeous. "Bella's Hair" is flawless, Sindle did a great job and thesims1master made a second set of clothes, this time from LL (just wanted to point out that both creators make their own textures from scratch, it's absolutely great!).
Then I was able to recover (thanks to my friend simswordsurfer!) a conversion of the TS3 tralier, that is just perfect for Studiotown, made by Tinkle.
Midgethetree, as usual, made something that no one thought would it be possible and made Crisps&Kerosene's "Hole in the Ground" recreation functional - is there anything she can't do?!
And finally, just because I did something myself, I remade some lots from HotDate and StudioTown - hopefullly, I'll be able to do something for Vacation too, since I can't find any lots at all around the web.
Meanwhile, please share any useful link with me, especially if you find something nice on TSR (I don't like the place and I don't visit it very often, but it has some nice creations buried under the thousands of crappy filtres).
That's all, I hope all of you are having nice holidays!

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2018-12-09 03:52 pm


Hi guys, I've added few more things in the past days (not much, but still):

Bonehilda as maid                             78 Maple Street                           81 Sunrise Boulevard

I also wanted to point out, again, that you can submit items that are not named or necessarily remakes of TS1 items. For instance, I found this table on TSR which is exactely the same of TS1 one, so I added it to the database anyyway, I think "it fits" :)

Picnic Table
And I also wanted to thank you all for the good feedback and nice comments on tumblr, I'm really glad people do like the idea :)

Have a lovely Sunday!
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2018-12-04 12:12 am

**New entries**

Hi guys, just a quick update with the last additions:
                                          Gardner Bob                                         Cory's Place                                     Barrets Boardwalk

                                                       Mama Hick                            Elden Hick                           Flamingo Dancer

With everything going on with Tumblr, I think I might create a proprer Dreamwidth profile or move to another platform - not so sure yet - but I'll keep doing my best to mantain this database up to date :)
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2018-11-30 11:48 am

Welcome to the new TS1 to TS2 database!

Hi there!
Since the original 1t2 database hasn't been updated in a while but there have been quite a few new things since then, I thought I could create a new database for all the recreations/conversions from The Sims 1.
Initially i didn't realize that the admin of the "old" database was CrispsandKerosene, but after a chat she allowed me to continue her amazing work on this new database :)
 I will also use a slightly different layout, since there is a lot more going on now :) also, I'd link to link some conversions from the other Sims games that are not a direct remake, but that are similar to/inspired by TS1 objects: anything that can help to re-create the TS1 vibe is well accepted!

I hope you will apreciate my work and that it will useful to all of you!
You can find the index here! If you want to submit a new link, feel free to leave a comment in the index page :)

Happy Simming and enjoy your TS1 remakes :P

CrispsandKerosene, for the amazing job she has done on the database and her creations;
Two Fingers Whiskey, for their Pinterest full of links;
shastakiss, for her support and her tips/advice;
chrisnewbie, for their help & support;
TheSimsMaster, for inspiring me into doing this and their help;
All the CC creators that made this stuff and the community for being so amazing!
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2018-11-28 12:23 pm



Bella Goth

Betty Newbie

Brad Burb

Bob Newbie

Cassandra Goth

Claire Charming

Chris Roomies

Cornelia Goth

Daniel Pleasant

Diane Pleasant

Elden Hick

Frankie Mashuga

Ginia Kat

Deceased Ghost (from the Goths' Graveyard)

Gunther Goth

Jeff Pleasant

Jennifer Pleasant

John Burb


Mama Hick

Melissa Roomies

Michael Bachelor

Mortimer Goth

Sylvia Marie Mashuga

Tiffany Burb





Femme Fatale



Lounge Lizard


Special & NPCsAgnes Crumplebottom

Alfred the Butler


Brigit the Maid

Flamingo Dancer

Gardener Bob

The Genie

Glenda the Ghost

Gordon the Ghost

Magic Assistant

Faerie Queen Mara

Gabby the Mime

Miss Lucille

Mystery Man

Sunny the Tragic Clown

Vicki Vampiress


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2018-11-28 12:20 pm



2 Sim Lane

3 Sim Lane

5 Sim Lane

6 Sim Lane

7 Sim Lane

9 Sim Lane

10 SimLane
Neighborhood 1&2

Crumplebottom Memorial

Cory's Place

Barrets Boardwalk

Old Farm Square

Landgraab Mall

Hedman's Hideaway

Solana Towne Centre


SimCity Beach


Palazzo Palms Hotel

Vacation Island

53 Ingleside Drive

54 Ridge Road

55 Ingleside Drive

56 Ingleside Drive

57 Ingleside Drive

58 Ingleside Drive

59 Ingleside Drive

60 Happy Trail

61 Happy Trail

62 Old Farm Circle

63 Gunther Goth Highway

64 Gunther Goth Highway

66 Gunther Goth Highway

68 First Avenue

69 First Avenue

70 Elm Street

71 Elm Street

73 Elm Street

74 Maple Street

75 Maple Street

76 Gunther Goth Highway

77 Maple Street

78 Maple Street

80 Crumplebottom Court

Old Town

KWLW Studios

Cameron's Lounge

Meeker Studios

Studio Town

90 Creepy Hollow, Ever After Oaks

91 Creepy Hollow, Alfred's B & B

92 Creepy Hollow, Old Man Lum's

93 Calamity Forest, A Spooktacular Spot

94 Calamity Forest, Vernon's Vault

95 Calamity Forest, Coldwind Meadow

96 Calamity Forest, Clowntastic Land

97 Calamity Forest, Serra Glen

98 Calamity Forest, Forest Edge Camp
Magic Town